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noun | ra-bi-teer
A promising student or young professional being introduced to the lifestyle, culture and tools of working as a Software Developer in the real world.


Most casual observers don't realize how hard it is to be a programmer; your determination has to exceed the practicalities of life. With the odds against you, a Rabbiteer's will often win just because you have so much determination that they can power through all the adversity.


It's no secret that passion makes it much easier to get excited about something. Building great software is incredibly rewarding but really hard. A Rabbiteer's passion is electric and, like moths to a flame, it attracts likeminded people to get on board with our vision.


This may seem obvious, but we are looking for intelligence in our teams; there is no substitute to exceptional expertise. Doing things faster, cheaper and better all stem from a Rabbiteer being 'smarter than the average bear.'


" Space, says the introduction to the guide, is big, really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is. And so on... "

Welcome to a rocket fueled journey into the deep dark realm of professional software development.

The Rabbiteer sessions are series of workshops, presented by our experts, on the latest in technology, such as artificial intelligence, cloud magic, shiny mobile tech, continuous integration, and the list goes on. The workshops attempt to curb the knowledge gap between university and the workplace, or to upgrade an outdated dev house. The sessions will be run throughout the year, in different locations around the country. Are you up for the ride?


" Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. "
  • 23
    Let's talk about "The Cloud"

    Presented By : Cillié Malan

    Tech Lead Cillié Malan, after attending Google Next 2017, presents some of the crazy cloud topics covered at the conference

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  • 11
    DevOps: How to get from code to users in minutes

    Presented By : Theo Danzfuss (and friends)

    Theo Danzfuss will be taking you through the culture of DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and how they will change your life as a developer. Expect to get your hands dirty, so the brave should bring their laptops.

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  • 24
    Deep dreams of electric sheep

    Presented By : Jade Abbott

    Our resident machine learning expert Jade Abbott delves into the basics, tools & tricks of deep learning.

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  • 28
    Go: The language you never knew you loved

    Presented By : Hein Oldewage

    A quick introduction to everything from Hello World and error handling to advanced concurrency patterns, application profiling and race detection.

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  • 09
    IoT on the cheap

    Presented By : Cillié Malan

    IoT is an exciting avenue of software development. However, a small device with internet access can often be costly, not to mention sensors, batteries, indicators and the like. During this session we'll be looking at how cheap you can go, buying components directly from the Chinese manufacturers.

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" For just one night let’s not be co-workers. Let's be co-people. "