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noun | ra-bi-teer
A promising student or young professional being introduced to the lifestyle, culture and tools of working as a Software Developer or UX/UI Designer in the real world.


Most casual observers don't realize how hard it is to be a programmer or designer; your determination has to exceed the practicalities of life. With the odds against you, a Rabbiteer's will often win just because you have so much determination that they can power through all the adversity.


It's no secret that passion makes it much easier to get excited about something. Creating great solutions is incredibly rewarding but really hard. A Rabbiteer's passion is electric and, like moths to a flame, it attracts likeminded people to get on board with our vision.


This may seem obvious, but we are looking for intelligence in our teams; there is no substitute to exceptional expertise. Doing things faster, cheaper and better all stem from a Rabbiteer being 'smarter than the average bear.'


" Space, says the introduction to the guide, is big, really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is. And so on... "

Welcome to a rocket fueled journey into the deep dark realm of professional software development and UX/UI design.

The Rabbiteer sessions are series of workshops, presented by our experts, on the latest in technology and design, such as artificial intelligence, cloud magic, shiny mobile tech, continuous integration, experience design practices, and the list goes on. The workshops attempt to curb the knowledge gap between university and the workplace, or to upgrade an outdated dev house. The sessions will be run throughout the year, alternating between Johannesburg and Pretoria. in different locations around the country. Are you up for the ride?


" Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. "
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    How to build experience into your interfaces

    Presented By : Liz Spangenberg

    We'll be running a practical workshop applicable to both devs and designers to explore how to build experience into your interfaces. Experience or UX design is often considered an abstract, difficult-to-understand field, when in reality, its main focus is just to keep the people in mind that will actually be using the solutions we create. In this workshop, we’ll be looking at the basic principles of usability and experience design, and then applying those in a practical manner. No previous design or UX knowledge is required.

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    Build your own Blockchain

    Presented By : Cillié Malan

    There is so much talk about blockchain and crypto that how it actually works has become lost in the details. In this session we're going to learn exactly how the blockchain really works in the best way possible: by building it from scratch.

    Requirements: a computer with the latest Node.JS and a text editor.

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    Deeper Dreams of Electric Sheep

    Presented By : Jade Abbot

    "Imagination" is a human trait, right? We're going to try and prove that wrong by building a creative AI.

    Ever wondered what the limits of AI are? So, sure neural networks can classify pictures of cats and determine what movies we might like, but can a neural network be creative? Our resident machine learning engineer Jade Abbott explores whether a neural network can learn to create art by training a generative adversarial neural network to design it's own album covers.

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    Is This The Real Life , Is This Virtual Reality

    Presented By : Leandri Viviers and Janeen Bredenkamp

    "Virtual Reality: From Hardware to Heuristics".

    Everyone is talking about all the cool stuff happening in the VR industry right now, but what do you really know about the topic? We want to discuss Virtual Reality - from the basics such as “What is virtual reality?”, “What’s all this hardware for?”, “What’s the difference between VR, AR and MR?”, to more abstract concepts like “How is realism related to believability?” and “More locomotion, less motion sickness”

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    IoT: So Hot Right Now

    Presented By : Ian Carr

    "Build an IoT application under 15 min".

    The lazy persons guide to get an IoT application deployed to your phone. That reads the temperature from an IoT enabled device over Wi-Fi in under 15 minutes for less than R200. Get to play with some shiny new tech and build a useful application at the same time.

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